At Coyo we serve Mexican dishes made for sharing, so you can taste a variety of exciting flavors.
We recommend 3-5 dishes per person.


Fried sweet potatoes with mango and habbanero salsa (may contain traces of gluten)
X 45,-

Tortilla chips and red salsa
X 64,-

We prepare the guacamole at the table and you can decide ingredients and level of spiciness. Servered with tortilla chips
X 119,-

Slow-cooked beans with bacon, chorizo, chicharrón, onion, garlic, tomato and chili (sulphites)
X 64,-


With sea bass, sweet potato, lime, red onion, celery, chili and coriander (fish, celery)
X 129,-

Tikin Xik
With scampi, alfalfa sprouts, tomatoes, cucumber, radish and avocado marinated in axiote and citrus shellfish
x 129,-


2 pcs. per order. Served with lime

De conchinita
Fried tortilla with pork marinated in citrus and axiote, refried beans, chipotle mayo and avocado (sulphites, eggs, milk)
X 139,-

De pescado
Fried tortilla topped with cod boiled with tomato, onion and garlic. Topped with salad, mayonnaise and avocado (eggs, fish)
X 139,-

De tinga de pollo
Fried tortilla with chicken marinated in chipotle, with refried beans, salad, sour cream, queso fresco,
red salsa and salsa verde (eggs, milk, sulphites)
X 139,-


◊ 2 pcs. per order. Served with red salsa and lime

Mushrooms, garlic, onion, cheese and salsa verde / Can be made with vegan cheese +10,- (milk)
X 86,-

Confit pork, onion and coriander (milk)
X 119,-

Chicken marinated in citrus and pineapple. Served with onion, coriander and fresh pineapple / Can be made vegan
X 119,-

Marinated and slow cooked lamb. Topped with onion and coriander 
X 139,-

Fried cod, cabbage and guacamole (wheat, fish)
X 119,-

Gambas rebozadas
Fried scampi, cabbage and chipotle mayo (wheat, shellfish, eggs)
X 119,-

Tradicional Mexicana
Marinated and grilled skirt steak of beef, nopal cactus and chipotle salsa (sulphites)
X 169,-

Pork marinated in citrus and axiote with xnipec salsa
X 119,-

Baja style de camarón
Gratinated tortilla with scampi, cheese, red cabbage, and mayonnaise (eggs, milk, shellfish)
X 149,-

Baja style de cochinita
Gratinated tortilla with pork marinated in citrus and axiote, cheese, cabbage and mayonnaise (sulphites, milk)
X 149,-

Flutas de pollo X 159,-

Crispy chicken tacos, sour cream, chipotle mayo, salad, tomato and avocado (eggs, milk)


Served with pico de gallo, lime and sour cream

Blue corn tortilla filled with mushrooms, garlic, onion and melted cheese / Can be made with vegan cheese +10,- (milk)
X 119,-

Blue corn tortilla filled with chorizo and melted cheese (milk, sulphites)
X 129,-

Wheat tortilla filled with melted cheese, chicken al pastor, coriander, onion and pinapple / Can be made vegan +10,- (wheat, milk)
X 145,-


Fresh salad with pico de gallo, grilled zucchini, corn, avocado, pomegranate and fried tortilla
X 119,-

Ensalada Jalisco with chicken
X 183,-

Ensalada Jalisco with scampi (shellfish)
X 183,-

Ensalada Jalisco with grilled cheese (milk)
X 129,-

· Especialidades ·

◊ We recommend ordering sides for some of the specialities

Asadito grill mar y tuerra X 359,-
Grilled and marinated entrecôte and scampi. Served with tortillas and lime (shellfish)

Chiles rellenos de picadillo X 179,-
Poblano chili filled with grated beef. Served with beans and red salsa. Topped with sour cream, pomegranate and coriander (milk)

Chiles rellenos de frijol con queso X 179,-
Poblano chili filled with refried beans and grilled queso fresco. Served with beans and red salsa. Topped with sour cream, pomegranate and coriander (milk)

Pescado a la veracruzana X 189,-
Fried cod served with rice, tomato sauce with olives, capers, parsley and almonds. Topped with avocado and fried tortilla chips (wheat, almonds, fish)

Enchilada X 189,-
Tortilla with chicken. Topped with onion, cheese and sour cream. Choose between red salsa or salsa verde (milk)

A traditional and rustic dish served in a hot molcajete made of lava stone. Served with corn tortillas, red rice and frijoles refritos. Choose between:

1. Salsa verde, chicken, cheese and chorizo (milk)  X 249,-
2. Red salsa, scampi, cheese and vegetables (shellfish, sulphites, milk) X 219,-
Zucchini, eggplant, cactus, tomato, cheese and onion / Can be made vegan +10,- (sulphites, milk) X 199,-


· · · · · · · · · · · SALSAS · · · · · · · · · · ·

Pico de gallo chili - sterk
Tomato, coriander, onion, green chili and lime
X 39,-

Salsa verde chili - sterkchili - sterk
Tomatillos, onion, garlic, jalapeño and coriander
X 35,-

Chipotle chili - sterkchili - sterk
Morita and chipotle chili, tomato and garlic (sulphites)
X 35,-

Chipotle mayo chili - sterk
(sulphites, eggs)
X 35,-

Habanero salsachili - sterkchili - sterkchili - sterk
Habanero chili, lime and garlic (sulphites)
X 35,-

Red salsa chili - sterkchili - sterk
Green chili, tomato and garlic (sulphites)
X 35,-

Xnipec salsa chili - sterk
Red onion and habanero marinated in lime, orange, pepper and oregano 
(sulphites, eggs)
X 35,-

Avocado, garlic, lime and coriander
X 64,-

X 30,-


Esquites X 34,-
Corn, mayo, chili and queso fresco (milk)

Red rice X 45,-

Extra cheese (milk) X 35,-

Frijoles refritos X 45,-
refried beans(milk)

Corn tortillas X 35,-

Tortilla chips X 39,-


Mexican “flatbread” dipped in sugar and cinnamon. Served with syrup (milk, wheat)
X 105,-

Chocolate cake
Served with vanilla ice cream and caramelized peanuts (milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts)
X 134,-

Mexican lime cheesecake
Served with coconut sorbet, pistachios and chocolate sauce (milk, wheat, pistachios)

X 134,-

Pastel de elote
Corn cake. Served with vanilla ice cream, egg liqueur and figs (milk, eggs, wheat)
X 139,-

Choose between: Coconut or strawberry flavour 
X 44,- per scoop

Ice cream
Vanilla (milk, eggs )  X 44,- per scoop
Avocado ice cream. Served with pomegranate and mint (milk)  X 64,- per scoop



◊ For ages up to 12 years ◊

Quesadilla with cheese / Can be made with vegan cheese +10,- (milk) X 85,-
Quesadilla with cheese and chicken (milk) X 105,-

Coyos fishsticks with guacamole (milk, wheat, fish, eggs)(milk)
X 130,-